Grouping shops into clusters is a new element in Danish shopping centres. The shops are gathered together according to their line of business, which is a completely new basic principle for modern shopping.

One or more anchor tenants indicate the makeup of each of the six clusters. They are institutions in Danish retail trade and a preferred destination for our visitors. Benchmark shops are then positioned around the anchor tenants, creating a broad foundation. Finally, the cluster is supplemented by new and upcoming concepts that make the shopping experience even more inspiring.

Today’s shopping can be divided into six main groups that our visitors look for: fashion, living, sport, electronics, children’s products and groceries. With Viva Odense, we’ve taken that to heart and divided the centre into six powerful, streamlined shopping areas that all meet the requirements and demands of the modern consumer.

The various clusters strengthen the commercial attraction by making shopping choice visible in a clear and convincing way. And it gives shops invaluable inspiration through collaboration and competition.

More than 40 leading fashion concepts are here to greet you in the region’s new walk-in closet

VIVA FASHION, a tribute to personal expression. With significant key tenants, the premiere of the Powder Room – a completely new shopping universe for women only – and with lots of strong fashion and accessory concepts, VIVA FASHION will be second to none when we roll out the red carpet.

The country’s most significant shop concepts in home and furniture have made themselves at home in Odense’s new living room.

 VIVA LIVING homes and interiors are becoming more and more important in our daily lives. VIVA LIVING has gathered everything together under one roof. From sofas to personally selected hostess gifts, VIVA LIVING offers an impressive choice of products to design your day.

The best team is on the pitch in Odense’s new sports arena

The most intense lifestyle in its most concentrated form. That’s what sport is all about. Street-wear, urban lifestyle and the most popular sports all overlap, making VIVA SPORT an effective attraction across all ages.

The industry’s coolest gadgeteers fire up Odense’s new digital world.

VIVA MEDIA covers the whole spectrum of digital life. It’s a wonderland for electronics, entertainment freaks and everyone who loves great gear. There’s everything from TVs and computers to film, games and music. This is where we turn on what’s new.

The biggest kids in retail get playtime going in Odense’s new playground.

 Toys, children’s clothes, games, excitement. All in a safe, easy-to-understand and inspiring children’s environment. With VIVA KIDS, children now have their own area with strong concepts and room for excitement and enthusiasm. Shopping is fun – even when you´re a kid.

Taste gurus put quality on the menu in Odense’s new food mecca.

 Without urban food there’s no urban shopping. Fast food, slow food, takeaway and a wide range of groceries and other foods – Denmark’s biggest city shopping centre has it all, and with taste and style included! VIVA FOOD makes shopping a culinary experience.