A meeting place and its surroundings


Viva Odense takes responsibility for its location in the heart of the city by having an open structure with streets, spaces and plazas. Externally, Viva Odense helps to make the city more attractive. Internally, it heralds an exciting urban renewal.

Gathering the city together

Viva Odense will not turn its back on its city. On the contrary, it will invite both the town and its inhabitants to make the new city shopping centre into the piece of the puzzle that has, up until now, been missing from the town’s shopping profile. Viva Odense ties together the city’s shopping streets, the big area around the main train/railway station and the Kongensgade quarter into a powerful, cohesive unit.

Secured access

Viva Odense ensures solid access by focusing on an optimal infrastructure. As well as 1,600 parking spaces and 2,500 cycle stands, the inner main street creates a natural flow between the town and the train station’s 25,000 daily users.

Odense is the main catalyst for development on Funen. The city is frequently used by its 190,000 inhabitants and the region’s population of almost 500,000. Until now, the city has been without a modern collection of retail sellers in the city centre. Viva Odense changes that completely.
Viva Odense helps extend the old city towards the area around the main station.