We’re building Viva Odense, the city’s new shopping centre, on the site of the old abattoir on Østre Stationsvej. With more than 100 shops, cafés and restaurants, 1,600 parking spaces and its location next to the main railway station within easy distance of the current city centre, the foundation for success is already in place. But our ambitions reach further. With a design that is a tribute to diversity, Steen & Strøm aims to create an international hub for Odense and the entire region. That’s why Viva Odense builds on a completely new form of shop composition, delivering a previously unseen commercial strength.

Our vision for Viva Odense is built on three key elements. Together, they renew Danish retail trade. Clusters, zones and streetscapes.

Viva Odense gathers the major product groups into six main areas, called clusters. Each cluster is a unique experience created through interior design, environment and expression called a zone. And as a natural extension of the current pedestrian precinct, the city winds its way through Viva Odense both in the form of spaces and as an urban main artery with an open roof. We call these streetscapes.

The combination of these three key elements will redefine modern shopping and, at the same time, secure Viva Odense a significant benchmark position in the region.