A sense of history is strengthened through interior design.

Each cluster is established in a zone where design and shopping experience support mercantile history. We also use the environment around the shops to make Viva Odense a complete, well thought-out experience.

Each zone has its own unique character.

If you wander through Living, for example, you experience an interior characterised by wood, soft lights, and perhaps an open fire. There’s an intimate, cosy atmosphere that strengthens both a positive atmosphere and the desire to purchase. Viva Odense delivers varied, inspiring impressions that give an extra dimension to the shopping experience.

Three principles for interior design in the zone.


Floors, walls and other surfaces are based in the world of the individual clusters.


Little surprises that underline the unique character of the world you find yourself in.


The lighthouse is a non-commercial attraction that works as the cluster’s landmark and point of reference.