Viva the brand

A modern brand for a cultural city

Viva represents a completely new attitude to shopping, quality, and the environment. With a focus on future consumer patterns and the use of media, Viva’s communication must look forwards without forgetting what’s most effective. We must build a unique brand that is open to dialogue and characterised by transparency. Viva Odense’s personality must be inclusive and relevant in the way it creates attention and recognition.

Our expression

Viva Odense is not a traditional city shopping centre. We’re not a suburb; we’re a city. We’re not traditional; we’re modern. We’re not about getting the shopping done; We’re about going shopping. That’s why our universe has a modern, artistic expression that supports Odense’s position as Funen’s cultural powerhouse.

Our name

Even though people may not be entirely clear that “Viva” is Spanish for “Long live!”, everyone probably has a strong feeling that it’s a word filled with joy, enthusiasm and life. A strong communication effort will ensure that Viva Odense will be regarded as being enthusiastic, forward-looking, inviting, inclusive and impressive.